Apps developped by Martin Keesen

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Character Rebus
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Character Rebus presents you a rebus consisting of only characters.
Guess the word presented by the rebus.
Enter your solution character by character.
You get immediate feedback on the characters entered being correct or not. After you have solved the rebus another one is shown.
There are thousands of rebus so play on for a while!

Horse Jump

You solve this puzzle by pressing on the correct characters in the correct order. Configure for slow or fast solution or to have all the time in the world.
The game contains hundreds of different words so you will be around for some time!

Ten Horse Jumps

Extended version of Horse Jump with ten characters.
Choose between English, Dutch or Polish words.

Color Spotting

Colored spots are shown against an ever changing background color.
Tap the location of the spot with the same color as the background had before it changed color.
To do this remember the location of the spot.

Three Castles

This app is based on 35 year old adventure game named "The secret of the three castles".
Navigate through a world brought to you in beautiful black & white drawings. Solve the game by moving around, handling objects, interact with all kind of creatures.


Quiz presents you German license plates.
Tap the land on the map of Germany where this plate is originating from.

Math Memory

Play the well-known memory game with math calculations. Find correct answer to calculations with adding, substracting, muliplying and dividing numbers.

Pooky Games

Collection of simple games for young children.
Based on a character drawn by my daughter and heavily appreciated by my grandchildren.

Rank Severity

My very first app, a decision tool.
Created to ease categorization of field issues.

Apps mentioned below are targeted on Dutch speakers.

Letter Rebus
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Letter Rebus toont een rebus bestaande uit letters en tekens. Je moet het woord raden dat de rebus toont. De oplossing voer je letter voor letter in. Je krijgt direct te zien of de ingevoerde letters kloppen. Als je het woord geraden hebt kan je door naar de volgende rebus. Er zijn duizenden rebussen dus je kunt even voorruit!

Paardensprong Puzzel
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Speel de woordpuzzel Paardensprong. Je krijgt steeds opnieuw een nieuw woord dat je moet vinden. Door op de juiste letters te drukken los je de puzzel op.

Apps mentioned below work only when you have a Philips Hue system.
Note: only support for Hue version 1. Update for newer systems is on the way.

hue Loops

Create color loops using your Philips hue lights.
Up to three loops each consisting of ten steps can be programmed easily.
Choose a color, brightness or flash for each step.


Play sudoku with colors instead of numbers.
Your Philips hue system shows you a color.
Tap the cell in which you want this color.
Place all colors in such a way that a color occurs only once in a row and column. Your goal is to achive this in as few turns as possible. Make the game less easy by choosing one of the speed modes.

hue Names

Train yourself in recognizing colors!
Philips Hue shows you a color for a time.
Press the button with the right color name on it.
If you succeeded to guess all 8 names you are promoted to the next level: again 8 names but now a little more unknown ones.

hUe Boat

Fishing game in combination with your Philips hue system. Turn the rudder of your boat to spot the fish. Keep your course on the fish you just spotted to catch it.

Games which for several reasons are no longer available

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